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WCTEL Bringing Fiber Optic Service To Greenwood!

  • WCTEL is a local telephone and internet co-op based in Abbeville, SC.
  • They are looking to expand fiber optic internet/tv/phone service to neighborhoods in Greenwood, pending interest from neighborhoods.  Hunter’s Creek has already begun construction for their fiber optic network, and Centre Court/Cherokee Hills are potential candidates for the next rollouts.
  • They gauge interest based on how many people sign up on their website (  It’s imperative that if we are to be considered, we must gather as many registrations on this website from our neighborhood as possible.  Registering DOES NOT obligate you to purchase service – it’s simply a way to show our interest.
  • The pricing on the website is not concrete – depending on how much interest we have in our neighborhood, the prices will drop.
  • Internet speeds provided by WCTEL are 40 times faster than what is currently offered in our neighborhood by Centurylink/Northland. WCTEL offers 1,000Mbps (also known as gigabit) with no data caps, while the incumbents offer 25Mbps max.
  • This may seem like a huge jump, but internet consumption is only going to increase in the future – we should take advantage of the opportunity to future-proof our neighborhood in addition to increasing property values.
  • The limited availability of gigabit/fiber internet service across the area will make our neighborhood a more desirable one.


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