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Suspicious Activity

August 25th, 2017


Dear Residents Cherokee Hills:

We are sending out this alert to inform you that your Board has become aware of individuals who are scouting our neighborhoods looking for potential targets to solicit funds from and/or possibly commit theft.  These individuals are suspected meth users seeking to obtain funds to support their habit.  We strongly advise you to report individuals who are driving around our neighborhood in circles to the Sheriff’s department.  Be sure to provide the license plate number and make and model of the cars.  You might consider using your cell phone to snap a photo of such vehicles.

We have been advised to recommend that you NOT open your doors to people whom you do not recognize.  We have one incident of a resident who opened a door in response to the doorbell and found the individual pushed their way into their home asking for money.  Fortunately, she convinced the person she would give them money but went into another room and called the Sheriff.  The deputy took the individual off the premises, and told our resident that the visitor was a known meth addict.

More information will be provided as we learn more.  However, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ANY MONEY TO PEOPLE SOLICITING FUNDS for their own use.  Such activity will result in encouraging addicts to come to our neighborhood to solicit funds and potentially to target homes for possible theft.    And, please do not hesitate to inform the Sheriff of license plates of people who seem to be taking photos of your homes, driving repeatedly around the neighborhood for no apparent purpose.

Your Board will inform you in advance of inspections by Town and Country for compliance with our covenants.  Should you feel empathy, then give your money to an organization that is knowledgeable and well equipped to help addicts.  Please do not let your charitable inclination put our neighborhood at risk.

Other actions including posting of neighborhood watch signs and seeking volunteers to report on suspicious activity or suspicious solicitors will be discussed during our next Board meeting in September.  I will be investigating which non-profits are working to help homeless and drug-addicted citizens of Greenwood and will offer some suggestions should you wish to donate.    Meanwhile, “if you see something, say something” and use your cell phone camera to document your observations and contact the Sheriff’s office.



Charles R. B. Stowe


Cherokee Hills Homeowners Association

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